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Blue River Vineyards

The estate of Dr. Willkomm was founded in 1954 in the Upper Mosel region near Trier. Over the next 35 years, the estate grew to be one of the largest on the Mosel River, with ownership in some of the best vineyard sites throughout the Mosel area including Bernkastel, Graach, Zeltingen, and Wehlen.

The Blue River Riesling from Dr. Willkomm was inspired by the serpentine route of the Mosel River where the grapes harvested from some of the steepest sites in the world, with several planted at an astounding 70-degree grade.

Nearly all of the harvesting and vineyard work is done by hand, including tying each vine to its own eight-foot wooden stake as well as carrying up the slate soil that has washed down with the winter rains.

These sun-kissed, steep slopes offer the perfect conditions for producing the best Riesling in the world.

Please enjoy responsibly.